Freemasons Foundation

Creative New Zealand

New Zealand Opera

Susie and Guy Haddleton (Auckland)
Deane Endowment Trust (Wellington)
The Sir William and Lois Manchester Trust (Auckland)
Dame Jenny Gibbs DNZM (Auckland)
Mrs Beverley McConnell MNZM, QSM (Auckland)
Circle 100 (Auckland)
The New Zealand Opera Society (Wellington)
John and Margaret Hunn Trust (Wellington)
The New Zealand Opera Foundation Trust (Whanganui)
Nicola Williams MNZM (Whanganui)
David and Marion Bennett (Whanganui)
Rodney and Lorna Macann (Wellington)
Bill and Olive Falconer (Wellington)

Rosalie & Alan Thurston (Wellington)
E Johnston & A. Buchannan (Auckland)
Don & Lesley Christiansen (UK)
Gillian & Mark Horton (Wellington)
Kenneth Richardson CVO, QSO (Auckland)
Les Holbrow (Wellington)
Leslie Austin (Wellington)
Tim  Hawley  (Wellington)
WN & CE Ingram (Auckland)
Marion  Wyness (Hamilton)
The Lodge of the Liberal Arts Trust (Auckland)
Peter Wison and Gerda McGechan (Auckland)
Roger Beaumont (Christchurch)
Alison Mann (Wellington)
DJ Ross Family (Auckland)
Paul & Christine McLaren (Auckland)
The United Lodge of Whanganui
Shirley McDouall School of Dance (Whanganui)
The Macpherson Family (Whanganui)
Lyn Edmonds (Whanganui)
Several anonymous