World-renowned singing teacher Della Jones will return for the 2018 New Zealand Opera School

New Zealand Opera School is please to announce that Della Jones (World-renowned Welsh mezzo-soprano) will be returning as one of the international singing teachers at the 2018 NZ Opera School next year.


We take this opportunity to ask Della a few questions; keep reading on!

Since the 2017 NZ Opera School earlier this year in January, Della has been keeping herself very busy, passing her knowledge and skills on to future singers. Della is currently leading various intensive summer courses at the National Opera Studio in London and will be continuing to coach there on a weekly basis when the new term begins. She will be doing Masterclasses and coaching’s at the Welsh International Academy of Voice-run by Dennis O’Neil in Cardiff, also at the Royal Northern College of Music In Manchester and other Academies in Britain.

As well as having such a full schedule Della, still continues to do private coaching with British and International singers.



We ask Della, what was some of the highlights that she can recall from the 2017 NZ Opera school?
Della: “The final concert at the beautiful Opera House, when we could see and hear the progress gained by the talented young artists of N.Z”…”The glorious and touching chapel service where all the musicians and community came together as one”…”The kindness and incredible generosity of the Friends of the Opera School”…”Meeting and working with Donald who has done so much for the Arts in N.Z. and whom I am privileged to call a friend”…”Working together with Jonathan ,all the coaches, Hemi and administrative team, to achieve the best for the young artists”…”Meeting and working alongside César“.


One highlight which was a first for a while for the NZ Opera School and as Della puts it, “A lifetime’s dream come true”, which was a powhiri from Whanganui local Putiki Marae Roopu to open the school and welcome us all especially Della and César, being our 2 international tutors. “On a very personal note having the Haka done for me as a surprise at the opening Monday’s B.B.Q”, was one of many highlights experienced by Della.

NZ Opera School: “What was it like teaching at the school? Did you find it a worth while experience?”


Della: “Teaching at the school was totally fulfilling for me, as I hope it was for the young artists. I was a “New Girl”, but was made to feel welcome immediately. A perfect atmosphere in which to work hard, to strive for the best with the singers and to enjoy working at the art we all love”.

“All the performers really wanted to get the most out of all coachings, be they vocal, movement and drama, languages, discussions about repertoire, advice for the future etc. All this in this most wonderful environment of the Whanganui Collegiate School”.


NZ Opera School: “Do you have any ideas or thoughts about what you plan to bring to the school in 2018?”.

Della: “My ideas and thoughts about what I plan to bring to the school in 2018″…”My doctrine is to treat every singer at the level they are without comparisons, but to bring out the most of their respective talents and to further them vocally, in presentation, in communication, in self-confidence to be their friend and to help in whatever way I can”.

We ask Della to give some advise for young NZ Opera Singers and why they should apply to attend?


 Della responds with the following advice;

“To all young N.Z. Singers, you are a small country with enormous talent. Performing as I have around the world I genuinely believe the NZOS is one of the best launching opera schools you could attend. It will open enormous doors to you for the future, from the coaching in all departments, discussions with your coaches and peers, and insight into your future careers and possibilities in Music in all forms. It will open many doors for you”.

“I can sum it up by saying that if I was at a certain stage in my musical career and lived in your country this is without question the Opera School I would attend”.


NZ OPERA SCHOOL would like to thank Della for taking the time out of her busy schedule to give NZ and young NZ opera singers a little insight into her experience with the school. We all can’t wait to have your talent, skill and most of all yourself at the 2018 school.


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